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Put our research in technology and innovative concepts to work for your specific needs and requirements. Whether you need an expert, an extra pair of capable hands or collaborator, we can help.


Do you have a business concept, idea or something off the wall? Big Data as a lone concept is changing the way money flows. Your light-bulb may be the new way to market.

Data Analytics

If you are traveling a road that someone else has traveled before, there may be data to help formulate a strategy to go or to avoid, to describe or to correlate.

Compliance Programs

We work with you to develop compliance policies and procedures, working operations plans or training programs. We help Medical Clinics, Dentist and Pharmacists abide the process..

RFP and Procurement

Do you have a specific technical need from your technology department? We have worked with hundreds of vendors over the past 19 years to find the right solution for many diverse industry needs.

Risk Management

Risk Management encompasses much: training, planning, testing, evaluating and improving. We start with a question and help you build the right plan to secure your interests.

Schedule a discovery interview.

An overview discovery of your specific needs, wants and desired outcomes, plus you can interview to see if we’re the right fit for your company.

Clients We Have Served

MainBoard Consulting works with clients all over the contingent United States from teleconference to onsite as needed.  While we can offer references from our prior clients, we do not.  Client information is confidential to us, we enter into confidentiality agreements for any engagements that is a mutual protection agreement between their company and MainBoard.  We don’t mind showing our Certificates, Resumes and Degrees, or even an intense game of chess if needed.