Get Cyber Ready

Getting Cyber Ready has a starting point whether you are a new business or have been in business for many years. 

Do you have medical patients?

If you have patients in your business, records, papers, folders or copier/fax machine that maybe contains a hard drive that has an image of that patient record, it really wouldn't hurt to have an annual assessment check up.  Schedule your follow up appointment in advance and the survey form will be delivered to your email. 

HIPAA Checkpoint Quiz
Do you take credit card payments?

If you have receive payment from customers or clients in the United States of America (as a limit to the clients that we serve - than anything because card rules are special application in the International space too), you must at the minimum conduct an Internal Annual Assessment on your organization. Schedule your follow up appointment, your quiz link will arrive after in your email. 

PCI-DSS Readiness Quiz
Do you possess customer or client information?

If you have store, collect, save, write down, or keep personal information about clients and customers, you must abide several state and federal laws as well as possibly being responsible for some international laws. 

General Infosec Awareness Quiz