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With an extensive background in technology, research, theory application, comprehensively, solving problems, our service portfolio is diverse and agile to help businesses of all sizes and needs. What MainBoard Consulting assures you is the proven approaches to problem solving using frameworks and standardized practices.

Market Analysis

Whether you work in a deep rural or dense and busy city marketplace, you are a target for cyber criminals just because you are connected.  If you're not connected, a slight pivot to their approach also makes you a target.  Properly assessing your market is essential in planning.


Many company's do not have a budget. Scary isn't it?  One of the reason so many small businesses fail is lack of proper planning.  Do you have the budgeted funds to secure your company network is an important question but more so, do you have a budget at all is essential too.


Whether through voluntary satisfaction and peace of mind or through regulatory compliance, a company of any size needs wise counsel, even if the leadership is a cybersecurity expert. Outside eyes are a necessary component in not only sound business practices but sometimes in regulatory requirements. 


Whether your need is solve a squeaky wheel or train up staff to become more efficient, the variety of needs that a business faces typically involves some intense and focused planning to execution using frameworks and guidelines to ensure consistent results.

cybersecurity news briefing

Want to trail our news headlines before you commit?  We offer numerous partner resources as well as our own published content across the various social media platforms.  The freshest news through this link will be to announce live casting or recorded cast events of, training, public speaking events and more.